Cycle For Registration
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Complete Processing of a New Elector




2. An investigation is carried out by the Registration officer to Verify Residence


3. A temporary list of applicants called "Supplementary" is prepared by the registering Officer for public scrutiny from 15th to the 25th of the month. These are posted at all Registration offices


4. The Magistrate in Revision Court approves the supplementary List at the end of every month.


5. A Revised List is prepared:


    If there are no disqualifications at (3) above then all names appear on the Revised


    Lists...If there are disqualifications, then those so disqualified are not allowed on the Revised List.


6. An ID CARD is issueed to those on the Revised List Approximately one week after the Revision Court.




The process of registration is continuous. It is conducted every working day.


The cycle for registratration begins on the 11th day of every month and ends on the 10th day of the following month in order to prepare the  Supplementary List for the 15th of that month as required by law.