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What is The Elections and Boundaries Department?
Requested and Answered by Sitemaster on 19-Jan-2017 09:55 (719 reads)

The Elections and Boundaries Department is a government departmen. It is administered by a Chief Elections Officer is responsible for the day to day electoral management on behalf of the Elections and Boundaries Commission who as per the Representation of the People Act: The main duties and functions includes Administrative Provision, Elections, Continuous Registration, Election Rules, Adjustment of Electoral Records in Re-division.

The Staff of Elections and Boundaries Department are public officers as defined by the Belize Constitution whose conduct is governed by the Public Service Regulations and, where appropriate, the General Workers Rule. The Chief Elections Officer is also the Head of the Department.

Presently, the Chief Elections Officer is Mrs. Josephine Tamai.

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Elections & Boundaries Department - Government of Belize