Belize District

Belize Rural South Electoral Division

Collet, Mesopotamia, Lake Independence

Belize Rural North, Central

Albert, Queen's Square, Port Loyola

Caribbean Shores, Pickstock, Fort George, Freetown

Corozal District

Corozal North, Bay, South East and South West

  • Phone: 422-2156
  • Address:
    First Street North (Opposite Police Station), Corozal Town

Orange Walk District

Orange Walk East, South

Orange Walk Central and North

Cayo District

Cayo North and North East

Cayo West

Cayo Central

Belmopan and Cayo South

Stann Creek District

Dangriga and Stann Creek West Electoral Division

Independence Stann Creek West and Toledo East

  • Phone: 523-2046
  • Address:
    17B Big Creek Rd., Independence Village, Stann Creek District

Toledo District

Toledo East and West