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What is a Spoilt Ballot? 

A spoilt ballot is a ballot that voter involuntarily make an error upon marking his/her vote and returns it to the Presiding Officer. The cancellation is done by the Presiding Officer. A spoilt ballot is not placed into the ballot box nor does it counted as a vote. The spoilt ballot is then marked cancelled across it. 

What is a rejected ballot? 

What is a rejected ballot? 

What are the reasons to reject a ballot? 

There are five (5) reasons that ballot are rejected. 

  • The ballot paper does not have the Presiding Officer’s initials on the back of it 
  • The voter votes for more candidates than seats that are to be filled 
  • The ballot paper is not marked for any candidate 
  • The ballot paper contains any mark or writing that can identify the voter 
  • The ballot paper is unmarked or void for uncertainty