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The Department

Electoral Management Bodies

Belize has two Electoral Management Bodies (EMB), The Elections and Boundaries Commission and The Elections and Boundaries Department. Each EMB is a separate, legal entity.

The Elections and Boundaries Department

The Elections and Boundaries Department was established in 1989. Subsequent to the constitutional amendments to Section 88 of the Belize Constitution, amendments were made to the Administrative Provision of the Representation of The People Act (Statutory Instrument 26 of 1988). All staffing matters were then transferred from the Elections and Boundaries Commission to the Public Services Commission. An amendment to the Belize Constitution by Act No. 2 of 2001, dated February 23, 2001, transferred jurisdiction over the Chief Elections Officer to the Public Services Commission. The Chief Elections Officer and staff are responsible for the day-to-day administration and all phases of the electoral process. The Chief Elections Officer reports to the Ministry of the Public Service and the Elections and Boundaries Commission on a timely basis.

The Elections and Boundaries Department is national in scope with one Central Office , fourteen Branch Offices and one Sub-Office . The Central Office, which is located in Belize City, serves as the administration center and storage for all records. Three Branch Offices are also located in Belize City and one in Ladyville. A Branch Office is located in each town to serve the other Districts, San Pedro Ambergris Caye and surrounding islands and in the Capital City of Belmopan.

Our Sub-Office is located in:

  • Independence Village, Stann Creek District

Each Branch Office is staffed with Registering and Assistant Registering Officers.


Under the Representation of The People Act, the areas of responsibility of the Department are Electoral Administration and the Adjustments of Electoral Records at Boundary Redistricting. Electoral Administration involves several tasks, which include:

  • Organizing and directing the registration of voter
  • Compiling electoral registers
  • Updating and maintaining electoral records
  • Organizing the conduct of elections
  • Transfer of Electors

A third function , that of Voter Education , which entails Public School Presentations, Library Corners, Radio and Television Talk Shows.


The Elections and Boundaries Department is committed to the enhancement of democracy through the promotion of voter education and the maintenance of a legitimate, impartial, valid electoral process.


To encourage public participation, forge partnerships and to provide efficient and effective service delivery.


  • To operate a professional electoral service
  • To strengthen public confidence in the electoral system
  • To increase the level of voter participation through voter education
The Elections and Boundaries Commission
  • Created through legislation in 1978 and was fully responsible for administration and staffing of all electoral matters
  • Responsible for the direction and supervision of the registration of voters and the conduct of elections
  • Make proposals from the time to time for dividing Belize into electoral divisions.